What should be my latency to my broker?

Latency will depend on your Broker price and orders server location. From your VPS to brokers that have their servers located on Chicago or New Yersey, latency will be usually bellow 1 ms. We can help you to test latency easily from your VPS command prompt. Just send a message to support@f2tradingservers.com and we can guide you throw the process.

How can I reboot my VPS?

If you need to Restart your machine, you just have to click on “Restart” button on Windows. Be carefull to not click on “Shut down”, because as a physical machine when it is unpluged from the power outlet, you will power off your VPS. If you have any question just contact support@f2tradingservers.com

Do we offer free trials?

We do not offer free trials for our VPS, but, you have the option to pay for a X-Small machine for 7 days for just 20 USD, if you want to test how good we are.

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How I can connect to my VPS?

Its really easy. And you will be able to access your VPS from a desktop, laptop or mobile phone, running Windows, Mac OS or Linux. You will need a “Remote Desktop Client”, usually absolutely free of license.

Is this system just for trading professionals?

No. F2 Trading Servers VPS is targeted to no individual trader type or experience level. It’s designed for both novices and veteran traders alike. And with an fair price compared to other providers.

What´s the difference between a VPS and my desktop?

From the OS perspective, nothing. Windows Server 2012 R2 and 2016 offer the same functionality as Windows 10. You will be able to run all of your current Windows platforms, and of course, you will get the benefits from using a virtual machine located on a datacenter.

Which are these advantages?

1.- No power outtage.

2.- Up to 1Gbps Internet Link.

3.- Less than 1 ms latency to New York and Chicago brokers.

4.- 24/7 access to your VPS, from around the globe

Can I use multiple monitors?

Yes. If you are connecting to your VPS using Windows, you can configure your RDP file on “Display” tab, and select “Use all my monitors for the remote session”.

How much RAM memory do I need?

Most of our users are happy using using just 4 GB RAM. Of course, if you use heavy scripts, or complex indicators, you will need to evaluate if you will need a bigger VPS, in that case we recommend the 8 GB RAM version.

Can I ask you for a customized VPS?

Absolutely. Just send an email to sales@f2tradingservers.com and tell us what you are looking for. We will reply soon as we received your message.

What is the source of the data that is traded upon?

Market data is not included on this service, you can choose whatever provider you want (Rithmic, Continuum, CQG, Kinetick, etc).

How often is routine maintenance testing of the hardware & software performed?

Major upgrades or maintenance to networks or facilities to maintain long term availability and functionality are occasionally required. These maintenances will be kept to a minimum and should rarely cause complete outages. Such maintenance will be communicated to you in advance via email and outages will not exceed 1 hour per month or 3 hours per calendar year. We will remind you to update Windows Server each weekend, to ensure you have the latest security patches. If certain software or hardware upgrades must happen to your specific configuration this information will be communicated to you to schedule this work and to be completed at a time convenient to you.

How are the servers protected so that no one can copy or use contents of the server?

We have firewalls and 24/7 malware monitoring. Beside that, you will be the only one that have access to it. To ensure this, we will provide an initial password to access the VPS, and we will request you to change this password.

My trading platform is Ninjatrader. Do I need to provide a licensed original to be installed on one of your VPS?

If you want to trade a live account, then you need to use your own Ninjatrader license.